Linking careers with the curriculum

This page has been created to support subject teachers in finding quality resources to link curriculum learning to possible careers:

Career Ideas

The Tees Valley Combined Authority also contains a range of information that links a wide range of curriculum subjects with application to employment and can be accessed here:

To support subjects with providing specific careers guidance linked to your subject please see the links below:

Art (Years 7-11):
150+ Art Careers - The Ultimate List (

Drama (Years 9-11):
List of jobs in theatre: 12 careers and how to get them | TARGETcareers

English (Years 7-10):
AET and Tesco: Careers in English resources | CEC Resource Directory (

English Key Stage 3:
KS3 English Careers in the Curriculum resource | CEC Resource Directory (

Geography (Years 7-10):
AET and The National Trust: Careers in Geography resource | CEC Resource Directory (

History (Years 7-11):
Careers in History / Historical Association

ICT and Computing (Years 7-11):
Jobs that use Computing and ICT - BBC Bitesize

Maths (Years 7-10):
AET and Pinewood: Careers in Maths resource | CEC Resource Directory (

MFL (Years 7-10)
My Learning My Future: MFL/ Languages | CEC Resource Directory (

Sports and PE Years 7-11):
Careers in sport | TARGETcareers
Career advice for jobs in sport - Careers in Sport (

STEM Subjects (Years 7-11):
A Teacher's Guide - Linking careers to the STEM curriculum | STEM
Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers - Online Course (

Linking the curriculum to careers in chemistry | RSC Education