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Our Intent 

At All Saints Academy we believe that reading is fundamental. We want our students to be confident, fluent and enthusiastic readers who are able to employ a variety of strategies in their pursuit of meaning and knowledge acquisition. The ability to read well, speak fluently and write competently for a range of audiences and purposes across the curriculum is absolutely vital to a student’s academic and social success. Reading underpins our whole school curriculum, as a core life skill, that will enable our young people to flourish in the 21st Century. Our library is at the heart of the school; it has been a difficult couple of years with the pandemic but we have continued to grow students love of reading and have worked hard together with our reading leaders to make the library a wonderful environment. 

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Look out for subject specific reads. Here are some examples.


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Accelerated Reader 

As part of our commitment to ensuring that all students maximise their potential and are equipped to access the rigors and challenge of our curriculum, Years 7 and 8 are learning to use an online reading intervention programme called Accelerated Reader by Renaissance Learning.

How does Accelerated Reader Work? 

In the final year of primary school, students’ ages typically match up with their "reading age". However, on entry to secondary school, it has been reported that children are either stagnating or falling behind on their reading age. The research found that this trend was reflected across the UK suggesting students do not continue to read with such vigour and challenge in secondary school. Accelerated Reader is a programme that ensures the right level of challenge to secure progress; this is how it will be implemented.  

Students are assessed 4 times a year using a Star Test, this gives the student their Reading Age at each point and from this baseline we monitor their development; 

The data from the test ascertains what level of book the student should be reading and they are given a bespoke reading range called their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development – see the ‘A Parents’ Guide to Accelerated Reader’ document below for more details); 

Using their reading range (ZPD) we help each student choose books; fiction or non-fiction (and even articles) which are most suitable for them; 

Having read their chosen book, students are expected to quiz at least once every three weeks and achieve 85-95% - this shows they have fully understood the book and that it has the right level of challenge. 

Students should not "STAR test" at home but they can quiz. They must only quiz on books they have read recently (watching a film adaptation will not help you at all!). Once students finish a book, they should aim to quiz within 48 hours. If your child chooses to quiz outside of school, it should be done independently and without the reading book in front of them. 

As you will be aware, GCSE examinations have become more rigorous and demanding in recent years, particularly in relation to the wording and ‘readability’ of the questions. This is the case regardless of the subject; from Biology to History to DT. The Accelerated Reader programme develops your child’s reading age and ability to access a range of GCSE papers, thus boosting their confidence and chances of success.

How often should students read? 

Research shows that reading for at least 20 minutes a day will have a positive impact on progress. In school, students have the opportunity to read and quiz during their designated library time after school until 4pm. 


As with anything, performance improves with practice. Encourage your child to read at home and complete reading quizzes. Students can check the reading range of any books they read outside of our school library and whether there is a quiz at Parents can also check their child’s progress and growing bookshelf through ‘Home Connect’. Details of how to do this are also in the attached guide below. Students will be set a weekly homework in English to also encourage them to read and quiz. Our reading time in the library once a fortnight is structured to listen to students read; discuss progress and targets generated from STAR tests; review quiz progress and also help teachers to refer students if further support is needed. 

In addition, a helpful guide about how to log onto a student’s personalised account can be found in our Useful videos section on the website. 

IMPACT: Celebrating student achievement in Accelerated Reader 

As students’ progress through the programme they are awarded certificates, starting at Ready Reader and progressing through to Star Reader. Each time they complete a quiz with a score of 85% or above they receive an Achievement Point. 

We also have half-termly prizes for inter-tutor and house competitions and for our Millionaire Readers there will be a Head Teacher’s award! We will post our impact display as they grow. The English Team presents awards on a half termly basis, based on discussion about Accelerated Reader and Progress data each faculty meeting. 

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Reading Leaders’ Programme 

Y9, Y10 and Y11 students, mentor Y7 and Y8 students on a weekly basis to help them develop their reading skills. They help to embed the crucial reading skills such as: activating prior knowledge, predicting, synthesising information, comprehension and inference. The Reading Leaders are also an integral part of running the library, acting as role models and ensuring stock matches students’ interests and abilities. They produce a display with new books each month to promote current topics.

Congratulations Star Readers

Congratulations to our Star Readers who have reached 20 points in the Accelerated Reading scheme. Students joined Mrs Buchan for Hot Chocolate and muffins, as a reward for their hard work in Accelerated Reading.
Hot chocolate time with Mrs Buchan

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Millionaire Readers

Four successful year 7 and year 8 students were our top Multi-Millionaire readers and received Amazon Kindles in summer 2022.

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Comic Book Workshop

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Reading Library leader

Our Library Prefect

Beth FHi I'm Beth, I applied for the role of prefect as I am a strong leader with a quiet but confident manner, as well as an excellent listener. I listen to everyone’s ideas about the academy and try to implement these to make the academy the best that it can be for both students and staff. In Year 9 I volunteered to be a Learning Mentor. This entailed encouraging students from younger year groups to enhance their reading abilities by reading to a mentee and trying to inspire them with my enthusiasm and love of reading. I felt like this was really rewarding and I hope to bring these skills to the rest of the school through my role as Senior Library Prefect. 


World book day

Despite the pandemic we have continued to celebrate World Book Day in style:

  • Teacher character dress up
  • House Blocks - competition to wear the most book items
  • Book Cake competitions
  • Scholastic book fayre
  • Guess the reader quiz -in 2020 we read 'Twits' (Listen again on our Reading Matters Share Point!)
  • Prefect run 'Lit Quiz' for Year 7
  • Harry Potter Theme Day - Escape Rooms, Baking, Treasure Hunts, Photobooth, Films and more'
  • Walk Away Wednesday - during lockdown students had a day away from their computers doing book related activities (see the photographs on Twitter and on our Sharepoint
  • The Big Book Swap

                                   Reading WBD 21

Reading WBD display

See our amazing day 2020 : WBD-ppt-of-impact-2020.pdf

See our amazing World Book Day 2022:






Every Friday morning our Year 10 SEND mentors work with some of our Year 7 and Year 8 readers on a reciprocal reading programme. This builds students' confidence; helps them choose books in the library; supports discussion and engagement with reading and develops core skills such as:

Reading skills

Useful Links 

Reading_Matters - Home ( - all students can access our amazing reading Sharepoint and our Virtual Library using their school login. You can also see our fabulous 'World Book Day' adventures over the last two years and be reminded of 'Thoughtful Thursday'

Parent's Guide to Accelerated ReaderParent's Guide to Renaissance Home Connect