Welcome to All Saints

What is it like to be at All Saints Academy?

Most students have visited All Saints before, perhaps at one of our Open Evenings, a school performance or when you attended one of our activity workshops with your primary school.

All Saints is relatively small, but is probably bigger than the school you are attending at the moment; it is however really easy to find your way around. There are just 3 main corridors downstairs; Design and Technology, English and Languages, and finally PE. Upstairs there are 2 main corridors; Science on one and Humanities and Mathematics on the other. When you first arrive all our students will know to help you and our prefects, in black jumpers and ties, will be especially on the lookout for any lost Year 7 students!

The most important place to locate is your tutor room and after that your House Office. In the House Office you will find your Head of House and House Assistant. They are always ready to help with any problems you may have. They are located upstairs with St Cuthbert, St Hild and St Francis House on the Science corridor and St Aidan, St Helena and St Oswald House on the Humanities/Mathematics corridor.

You will have the opportuinty to visit All Saints several times during your transition, so most of you will have started to find your way around the Academy. To help in finding classrooms you will have a credit card size timetable in your blazer pocket ready to show students or staff if you get lost.

Will I make friends?

You may be coming to All Saints with a group of friends from your primary school or you may be starting out on your own. If you are the only one coming from your school don’t worry, as we are very friendly. Some years we have students arriving from as many as 19 primary schools; so many children are on their own and may feel a bit worried about this. However All Saints students and staff care for each other and soon you will be feeling like part of our family. Our transition days are specifically designed to give you opportunities to meet and work with other new students.

Are there clubs and sporting activities for me to join in?

At primary school, you may have been part of a music or drama group or played sports such as netball or football. Here, at All Saints, we have lots of different clubs you can join which is always a really excellent way to make friends. Year 7 clubs include a Book Club, Film Club, Art, Drama and many more. You can join the Science Club which many year 7 students really enjoy. Activities and clubs take place before, during and after school. There are also opportunities to join our sport clubs. All Saints has a very strong tradition in Sports Leadership so you may have met some of our students leading events at your primary school; now you can become a Sports Leader yourself! Our students enjoy netball, rounders, hockey and football, rugby, cricket and many more including trampolining and table tennis. There is always an activity for you to join with your new friends.