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All Saints Church of England Academy is committed to demonstrating the love that God has for each person.  We value the uniqueness of each individual and the positive contribution that each student can make by putting Christian values into practice. 

We have been inspired by the Five Marks of Mission set out by the Church of England and have seen personal growth in students who have become Tell, Tend, Treasure, Teach and Transform Leaders in the Academy.  Through practising our House Values, we help students to discover what Jesus Christ’s promise of ‘life in all its fullness’ might look like.  We are committed to the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of all our students.

In a changing educational landscape, the Church of England has a clear vision for the future of its schools. It believes human flourishing is found in these four main ingredients:

  • seeking wisdom, knowledge and truth;
  • instilling a sense of hope and aspiration in pupils;
  • learning how to live in community and living well with others;
  • recognising the ultimate worth of every human being and our God-given dignity.

Part of the role of the chaplain within the Academy is to be a person of prayer and provide a supportive listening ear. 

We hope that all we seek to do in the Academy points to the glory of God and that we can continue to be a blessing on the entire community here in Ingleby Barwick.