Extra Curricular Opportunities

Our wider curriculum offer is updated each half term. Each activity is developed with one of our 4 pillars of cultural capital: Leadership, Culture, Skills and Character. For further explanations of these areas please see the cultural capital page in curriculum or ask your child to share our Sharepoint with you.

Additional events or trips will be shared on our Cultural Capital boards in school and letters will be sent home to parents for consent. 



Extra curric timetable week 1 spring 22

Extra curric timetable week 2 spring 22Extra curric timetable week 2 continued spring 22

Please check the noticeboards for events and trips that are organised during the year as opportunities arise for example, university lectures and guest speakers. The timetable is updated each half term. Students need to turn up after school at the designated area to register.

Also don't forget our 'Inspire Talks' each month on the last Friday. Posters will appear on the boards and in tutor rooms.