Key Stage 3 Masters of Recall


As part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum at All Saints Academy, students are required to gain crucial knowledge in all of their subjects. This knowledge will equip them not only to understand each subject in more depth and set the foundations for GCSE study, but will also help them to understand the world around them.

In Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9, students will be provided with ‘knowledge organisers’ from the following subjects each term:Recall fan

Design Technology English Geography History IT
PE PSHCE RE Science   Spanish

They will also receive  ‘knowledge organisers’ from the following subjects: drama, art and music to support their learning in the classroom and in the application of skill, but they will not take part in the masters of recall knowledge tests.

The students have this booklet for reference, but if they need to zoom in or see an online copy on the website, it is below. In addition, teachers will place copies into their class Team.

Knowledge Organisers 

Spring Term

Year 7

Science English History
Geography Spanish DT


Year 8

Science English History
Geography Spanish DT


Year 9

Science English History
Geography Spanish DT

Homework Activities

The homework set on the knowledge organisers is based on educational research and will take the form of one of the following revision activities that has been proven to help students store knowledge into their long-term memory (the activities are on the next page and are exemplified in video form on the masters of recall page on the website). Using these revision activities will benefit Key Stage 3 students in preparation for external exams in the summer of Key Stage 4 and develop their lifelong metacognitive behaviours such as: self-awareness, planning, monitoring and evaluation.  

Students must bring their revision activity as evidence of their homework for their teacher to check it is complete. The homework will be set on Microsoft Teams and can be submitted on OneNote, Teams or on paper. The homework may also be used in some low stakes formative assessment activities in class. 

The Assessment of Knowledge

The knowledge learned will then be tested at the end of every half term/term in the form of a multiple-choice test (This frequency is determined by how often the students have their subject in a fortnightly period). From the results of these tests, students will be able to see which subjects they are performing well in and which subjects they need to focus on in terms of their crucial knowledge. This score will be shared as a percentage as part of the students’ assessment and recording to parents on Go4Schools at the end of each term.  

Skills will also be assessed alongside the students’ knowledge termly. These skills will be assessed on the Key Stage 3 Performance Pathway which is specific to each subject area. (Maths and English remain on GCSE grades for reporting due to assessment taking place at KS2). All of the data will be reported termly via Go4Schools.  

Maths approach to homework

Students will be set homework once a week in Maths using the website  The homework that will be set will be either linked to the previous week’s classwork or revision in preparation for an assessment. â€¯ 

Each homework will also have videos attached that explain the topic, so if students don’t understand the concept, they can access this while at home and then speak to their maths teacher if they are still struggling or attend homework club. 

Students can link their Dr Frost Maths account to their Office 365 account which makes logging into the website easier, this will be done during one of their first maths lessons of the year, and if they forget it then they can reset their password via the website. 


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