Student Leadership

All Saints Academy has an extensive student leadership programme which is highly valued by our students and staff. The programme encourages all students to take part in a wide range of leadership activities and is run and co-ordinated by students of all year groups.


  1. By encouraging students to become involved in a wide-range of leadership activities, we aim to develop students’ leadership skills and high-level skills of effective, self-directed learners.
  2. We believe that the work of student leaders adds real value and strength to our school community. From the personalised support offered by our team of peer mentors to the delivery of collective worship to the leading roles taken on by students within lessons, we aim to fully utilise the skills of our students


The programme is structured around a number of distinct groups which link strongly with the ‘5 marks of mission’. ‘Teach’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Tend’, 'Transform' and ‘Tell’ take leading roles in a number of subject-related projects, ranging from the development of new technologies for learning to peer tutoring in Maths, English and Science to leading collective worship each morning. ‘Transform’ listen to the views and concerns of students and provide support and guidance within our house structure. All of the groups are co-ordinated by a team of senior prefects who sit within the curriculum and house strategy groups. The two strategy groups meet weekly and determine the strategic direction of the programme.

In addition students can use their leadership experience as part of their Prefect application in Year 10. Opportunities for prefect positions are listed below along with our current cohort. In year 11 Senior Student prefects for both Care and Guidance and Subjects are invited to attend a certificated 'Leadership Development Programme' delivered by the Deputy Head over an 8 week period; this programme allows them to learn about leadership theory, emotional intelligence, team work and how to create SMART goals which will ultimately drive their collective vision. 

Student Leadership is aligned with our Cultural Capital programme and is one of our 4 pillars.

Cultural Capital

We also offer a range of wider curriculum opportunities that students can take part in.

Extra Curricular Opportunities



56 student prefects passed their ‘Leadership Development programme’ in 2023. Their action plans are now being put into practice with their teacher line manager and monitored by the Head Boy and Girl for Care and Guidance and Curriculum. 

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Archbishops’ Young Leaders Award

What is the YLA?

Students in Year 8 complete a leadership programme as part of their RE and PSHE curriculum. It is designed to:

  • Build students’ leadership skills and character
  • Grow confidence, teamwork, resilience, and care for others
  • Empower students to serve their communities

The programme supports the Church of England’s vision for education by enabling young people to flourish and live life to its fullness. The Awards focus on developing the whole child; heart, soul and mind, providing opportunities for all students to discover their potential as young leaders; build habits of servant-hearted leadership; and to become agents of change in their communities.


What will happen?

Over the course, students will:

  • Explore the leadership skills of people of faith including Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Bear Grylls
  • Meet members from our community and listen to their stories about how faith can be put into action
  • Reflect on the needs of the community and construct a series of volunteering projects to be the change that they want to see in and out of the academy
How will students be assessed?

At the end of the programme, students complete a reflection booklet to assess how their leadership skills have been enhanced over the school year. They will be rewarded with special badges and certificates to recognise their impact.

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Young Leaders award: charity Event 

As part of her Young Leaders Award work, Martha decided that she wanted to arrange a fundraiser for charity. On thinking about what she wanted to and for whom she wanted to raise monies, she decided upon a coffee afternoon, with drinks, cake, bingo and a raffle on the day. 

In the few weeks before the event, Martha got in touch with the Community Champion at Tesco as well as appealing for donations from friends and family for her raffle, as well as cake baking and volunteers to help her on the day.  She advertised her event on social media pages as well as ensuring the event was advertised in all the local shops around Ingleby. 

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