Parent Consultations

Regular consultations between Teachers and Parents/Carers are crucial in celebrating success, in monitoring progress and agreeing targets and actions for improvement. There are a number of planned and calendared opportunities arranged for this to take place during the academic year.

Subject Review Days

This is the more ‘traditional’ opportunity for you to meet with your child’s individual subject teachers. Each appointment lasts approximately 10 minutes and focuses on your child’s current working level, progress in relation to their end of year target and attitude to learning. Success is celebrated and areas for improvement identified. It provides you with an opportunity to meet the teachers who have been, or will be, working with your child throughout the year.

Academic Review Days

These are opportunities for you to meet with your child’s Learning Tutor. Each appointment lasts approximately 10 minutes and focuses on your child’s overall academic progress and personal well-being. Each Academic Review Day enables the most up-to-date information to be shared with you and targets to be set to support your child’s future learning and well-being. In addition, your child’s Learning Tutor will undertake a Learning Conversation termly, during the Academy day, with them to discuss their progress, attitude to learning and general well-being.

Dates for the Year Ahead

19th January 2023

Y7 - Y10 Academic Review

14th February 2023

Y10 Parents Evening

16th March 2023

Y9 Parents Evening

22nd March 2023

Y9 Choices Evening

29th March 2023

Y11 Parents Evening

15th June 2023

Y7 - Y8 Parents Evening

13th July 2023

Final Reports published on Go4Schools

Home/Academy Contact

Staff at All Saints welcome regular contact with Parents/Carers. We strongly believe that communication between Academy and home is one of the keys to student success. On daily matters we encourage Parents/Carers to contact the Academy if they need clarification, support or information regarding their child’s academic progress, behaviour or well-being.

Contact Us

All Parents/Carers have access to their child's data through Go4Schools, this includes information relating to academic progress, attendance, rewards, sanctions and homework.


There are a host of additional opportunities where parents/carers are encouraged to visit the Academy to support their child’s academic progress and well-being. Events such as; Year 6 Transition Days and Induction Evening, Year 7 Cake & Coffee Evening, Year 6 Open Evening, Year 8 Choices Evening. We also encourage Parents/Carers to support their children in sporting events, Academy performances and other subject related events. Parents/Carers will be notified well in advance about such events, and our online calendar lists all planned events for the year.