All Saints Academy LGBTQ+ Youth group

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At All Saints Academy, we believe that the human race is naturally diverse, as are human relationships and identities. We strive for the experience of this diversity to be a positive journey for all students, including those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.


What we want to achieve:

  • Inclusivity and equality for all
  • A designated safe space for LGBTQ+ young people and allies.
  • Foster an authentic community in which every person can belong

How we are trying to achieve this:

  • Informing and educating about LGBTQ+ lives and history
  • Making everyone responsible for positive changes
  • Promoting kindness and compassion for all young people

Why we are trying to achieve this:

  • To ensure every young person has equal opportunities
  • To enable success, emotional and physical well-being
  • To improve life outcomes for all young people
  • That's so gay


The effects of bullying, including LGBTQ+ bullying, have a life-long impact.

Some of the most prominent effects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low self-worth and a feeling of helplessness
  • Surviving becomes more important than learning
  • Difficulties in making and sustaining relationships
  • Less likely to stay onto higher education
  • Exclusion from peer groups

LGBTQ+ youth group is open to anyone, whether they are part of the community, allies or those wishing to understand more, without judgement.

Tuesday 3-3.45pm in C14, for more information please speak to Mrs Brabanski.

Week 1 - Y7/8

Week 2 - Y9/10/11


Documents to help support:

​LGBTQ+ RightsAllies Guide to Terminology

Guide for Families

So you think your child is gay

Valuing All God's Children


How can you help provide support for our young people?

Local LGBTQ+ Support

LGBTQ+ Support

Transgender & Non-Binary Support

Allies and Family Support

Mental Health & Suicide Support

All Saints Academy Support