Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Francis

Hi, my name is Ellie, I am currently going into year 11 and am the head prefect of Francis.  


I find enjoyment in leadership and love working with others such as the other prefects in this year to discuss important topics and leadership strategies. When I applied for prefect, I didn’t know what I wanted to be, so wrote down many different options. But in my personal statement I wrote about my life and what interests me. Outside of school I enjoy dancing and competing at competitions, but also enjoy going to the gym. This helps me to feel motivated and get things done which is an important skill which a leader needs to feel confident within themselves.  


I always felt as if All Saints Academy has included their students in their leadership and provide opportunities for us to see what it is like in the working world. For example, I am currently taking part in a leadership programme with the rest of the prefects which can be put onto my CV and show others my strong leadership qualities. For my GCSE I chose business because I was intrigued by the title and felt as if it would be beneficial for me, and this has been proven as it is now one of my favourite subjects and I enjoy learning about the different topics where we are given several opportunities to be creative and collaborative, which are two of the crucial characteristics of students at All Saints. Another subject I am very passionate about is English, I enjoy reading and learning about interesting novels and plays that I maybe wouldn’t look at as my first choice but have grown to love. I am confident in English techniques such as analysing language and love being given the opportunity to write my own ideas and thought about a text. Overall, I think All Saints is an outstanding school which provide multiple opportunities and support within their curriculum whilst also making sure that the students that want to go above and beyond, for example becoming a prefect, still have the access to do so.  


In Francis house, we aim to provide a safe environment for students which promotes inclusivity and equality. The house values of peace and justice run throughout our actions. We ensure that a positive outlook is taken on our successes and failures. Progress is not linear and learning and accepting that can be hard but it all pays off when you look at the bigger picture. We aim to reward students who go above and beyond and provide extra support for those who need it, providing an open space for students to speak freely. 


We want to develop an environment where students are excited to learn and are given the opportunity to be creative whilst being rewarded for their progress and feel proud of their own achievements. In Francis house, everyone matters! 


When I heard about the opportunity to become a prefect, I was instantly intrigued to know the responsibilities and choices that came with it and went for the more senior role, unsure if I would be offered it. But I was, and I’m happy that I took that risk. During my year 7-9 I was affected by COVID-19 which also effected many others. But the school was always very supportive and now I feel as if school is ‘normal’ and I enjoy being around my friends. So, remember that learning is important but enjoy the social aspect of school too! Before you know it, it’ll be gone. As I am leaving next year to move on with my education, I know I’ll miss all of the amazing people who I have worked with and made friendships with.  


So, my advice to you if you were procrastinating about taking a risk or making a decision, DO IT!! I wish that I had taken more opportunities in my earlier school years and can’t wait to help and support the new students coming into our school and my Francis house in September.  


I hope this provided a bit of inspiration to all of you and want to say that anyone who needs help or support, can see anyone from our prefect team. We’re always here to help. Hope you enjoy!