Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Francis

Hi my name is Jack, I am currently in year 11 and I am the Head Prefect for Saint Francis. Outside of school I like to spend most of my time doing activities outside. I also like to meet up with my family and friends and try and have the best time that I can possibly have. 


I have always thought that All Saints Academy manages to provide a safe, friendly environment that contains many helpful extracurricular activities and groups that every student is open to participate in. English Studies has always been one of my main interests whilst studying at All Saints Academy, as you can be very creative when answering questions on creative writing tasks and learn a large amount of key skills that can be used in the future. I also chose to take Food in GCSE this involves learning about different diets and the science behind key foods that we consume on a daily basis. In GCSE Food the practical that we perform are also very fun and can help to provide even more key skills that may be used in the wider world after school. Another subject that I am very passionate about is Maths, this is because it is very useful for further situations in life, Maths  challenges you and helps you to succeed in getting the best grades that you can achieve during your time at All Saints Academy. Furthermore, I think that All Saints Academy is outstanding because of the amount of opportunities that they provide to their students, for example most subjects if not all subjects offer after school help or clubs, going to these after school events can be a time to make new friends or to help you to succeed in your time at All Saints Academy and make sure that you leave feeling accomplished with your grades! 


Since I joined All Saints Academy in 2018 I have always wanted to become a prefect. When I first joined the Academy I saw past students with prefect ties and always wanted to take on the extra responsibilities to be able to help people in the wider community and especially my peers. I think that by becoming a prefect, it will help to provide me with great information and leadership skills that I can use in the wider world which is why I would very highly recommend that you take up the chance! I think that my Prefect Role of Head of Saint Francis will help me to become more independent and resilient, this will largely benefit my peers and other year groups in the Academy. Within my role I can act on feedback that I receive from my peers and help to make their experience at the Academy as best as it can possibly be. I would also love to make all students in Saint Francis House feel happy, safe and comfortable during their time at the Academy. 


During your time in All Saints Academy you may be faced with tasks that you think you will never achieve. However, at All Saints Academy, amazing wellbeing services can be offered to help you when you need it most. Many students may have been affected by Covid-19 however due to the help of the amazing staff we have managed to push forwards and still achieve our targets and meet our goals! 


Throughout your time in All Saints Academy there will be many opportunities including student leadership. I would highly recommended taking on these opportunities as they can be great for yourself and can help to give you leadership skills that you may need to use in the wider world. I have been involved in the Student Interview Panel, this comes with several responsibilities such as showing new members of staff how our school functions to be as great as it already is! 


I really hope that you enjoy your time at All Saints Academy!