Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Oswald

Hi, my name is Thomas, and I am a Year 11 at All Saints Academy. I am the Head Prefect for St Oswald house. Outside of school, I like to play football with my friends, and I like to play video games.


My time at All Saints has been very positive and I have learned so much while I’ve been here, not just academically but I feel my personality has grown also. The amazing support I’ve been given through all my years at this school is outstanding and it has helped me strive to be the best person I can possibly be. They are so many opportunities for students to discover their strengths and build on skills like teamwork and communication. Some examples would be to attend extra-curriculum activities such as after school football club or science club or subject based roles like being an English leader or a maths mentor. I have participated in quite a lot of these during my time at All Saints, but I feel being a peer mentor and going to after school football helped me the most as it helped me gain more confidence and has helped me further improve my teamwork and communication skills which helped my apply for this prefect role.


During the earlier years of school, I was always open to get my opinion across and I wasn’t afraid to put myself forward in lessons which helped me have the confidence to apply to become a prefect.


History has always interested me, particularly when we learn about Queen Elizabeth’s reign as Queen of England, which has made me enjoy history even more. Not only does All Saints offer exciting and engaging lessons which could help you pursue your dream in the future, it also has careers advice which could help you further understand what you want to do once you leave school.


Oswald’s house values are important to everyone at All Saints. As we aim to have courage to not give up straight away and work on that skill until you are confident with it and to have integrity and be honest with yourself and make the right choices during your school life here at All Saints.


My vision for Oswald is for everyone to feel appreciated, safe and included and for them to follow out our values as a house. Also, I aim for all students to be motivated in every task they do and take pride in their work and contribution to school life. But I also think it is important that every student has a growth mindset, so they don’t feel fixed or stuck in their education. Overall, I want every member of Oswald to look back at their time in school, and know they were resilient and driven to achieve the best version of themselves.