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"YOur true character is most accurately measured by how you treat those who can do nothing for you." mother teresa.  

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Health and Social Care BTEC tech award. BTECs are high-quality, career-focused qualifications grounded in the real world of work. BTEC courses focus on skills-based learning and are designed around themed components. This practical approach allows BTEC learners to develop and apply the knowledge and skills that employers, colleges and universities are looking for. BTEC skills can take you straight to employment.


This BTEC Tech Award offers students an insight into real lives using their own experience of family members and using case studies. Students need a mature outlook as they will be required to undertake some in depth research using one to one interviews. Students are required to produce written reports based on their research and be involved in performances to show their skills and knowledge of the care industry. These tasks require good literacy skills for report writing and good drama skills to perform. We are lucky to have an infant simulator which students may take home and experience parenting for a few days, however this is not an essential part of the course.

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BTEC Tech Award is a vocational qualification which is graded from pass, merit, distinction to distinction*. This course is graded from a portfolio for work completed, three written reports, including taking part in a role play and a written exam.

Method of Assessment

Internal assessment tasks: Three written reports based on research from family member, friends or a celebrity. Additional assessment tasks are based on the health and social care industries where students will need to demonstration of the care values in the form or a role play.

External assessment: In the last year of study there is a 2 hour written exam on a given case study.


Students’ Comments “Health and Social Care is interesting, fun alternative to ordinary lessons.”


·An infant simulator to allow students to experience parenting for a short time

·Visit to meet Care home residents

·Trips and visits to care providers, hospitals and nursery

Learning Resources