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"YOur true character is most accurately measured by how you treat those who can do nothing for you." mother teresa.  

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Health and Social Care - Provides a positive , inclusive and supportive environment where students have a love for learning about Health and Social Care. Students are equipped with knowledge, skills and understanding to make excellent progress within the BTEC Tech and Cambridge National. Students, through both courses, will explore and demonstrate the attitudes, values and behaviours that underpin health and social care and how they can progress into the working world.

BTEC Tech - Students wil explore the different aspects of growth and development and the factors that can affect this across the life stages (human lifespan and development.) They will understand health and social care services and how they meet the needs of service users (services and values). Explore the factors that affect health and wellbeing, learning about physiological and lifestyle indicators (health and wellbeing).

Cambridge National - Students will be able to understand the principles to health and social care setting. Explore how individuals can be supported through life events during different life stages as well as developing and leading creative and therapeutic activities.


Both courses on offer give students an insight into real lives using their own experience of family members and using case studies. Students need a mature outlook as they will be required to undertake some in depth research using one to one interviews. Students are also required to produce written reports based on their research. Within the Cambridge National course students will have the opportunity to plan, lead and evaluate a creative/therapeutic activity to a small group. Students will also have the opportunity to organise and run parties for members of our local care home for celebrations such as Christmas.

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BTEC Tech Award 

This is a vocational qualification which is graded from pass, merit, distinction to distinction*. This course is graded from 2 internally assessed pieces of coursework (component 1 and component 2) as well as a written exam (component 3) which is 2 hours long.

Cambridge Nationals

This is a vocational qualification internally assessed pieces of coursework (R033 and R034) as well as a written exam (R032). The written exam will be sat at the ennd of Year 11, after all coursework units have been completed.

Method of Assessment

Internal assessment tasks: Three written reports based on research from family member, friends or a celebrity. Additional assessment tasks are based on the health and social care industries where students will need to demonstration of the care values in the form or a role play.

External assessment: In the last year of study there is a 2 hour written exam on a given case study.



Students’ Comments “Health and Social Care is interesting, fun alternative to ordinary lessons.”



·Organsiation and running events f different groups of individuals

·Care in the Community club (P6)

·Trips and visits to care providers, hospitals and nursery


Health and Social Care Prefect

Hi My name is Daisy!

Prefect for Health and Social care. I've always wanted to Become a Prefect for Health and Social Care as I would love to become a Paramedic when I leave Secondary School!

As a Prefect of Health and Social Care I intend to make it a fun and enjoyable subject for everyone who decides to take it in Year 10 and Year 11. I want to make it a safe environment for people to share their Opinions and to always feel included!

This subject can be tricky at times and consists of a lot of work but it's so worth it at the end of it all!



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