The world is a curious place, our curriculum is intended to develop learners who will ‘think like a geographer’. Our globally aware learners will ask questions about the world around them, growing their understanding of their place in the world. The intent is to develop a holistic knowledge of the subject at Key Stage Three in order to create a platform to build on at GCSE. Geography will be developed beyond the classroom adopting a life-long learning approach which grows a responsible attitude towards the world. Learning will be nurtured through skills, knowledge of place, culture and an awareness of contemporary global issues. We will grow knowledge in students to enable them to thrive and enjoy lessons whilst creating cross curricular links. Learners will be inspired to continue the study of Geography Post 16 as well as career pathways. 


Geography will be a journey that starts in KS3 and evolves through to KS4. We implement this through the aspiration to deliver high quality education which promotes a love of learning about the world. Work must be accessible and engaging for all learners through means such as differentiation to ensure that true progress is made. Schemes of Learning are bespoke to our context, this will consist of a variety of different skills and knowledge, including, problem solving, and fieldwork. Application of knowledge is key for Geography and proves that learners are ‘thinking like a geographer’. 

Human and Physical Geography are to be as equally weighted as possible and students are to develop learning from both sciences. This is applied through the Schemes of Learning to provide over time a varied curriculum. 

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 Geography Learning Journey All YearsYear 7 Learning JourneyGeography Learning Journey Y8Geography Learning Journey Y9Geography Learning Journey Y10Geography Learning Journey Year 11


Here are examples of our students' work in Geography.

Cultural Capital

  • Y10 Fieldtrip to Whitby (Human Geography investigation)
  • Y9 Fieldtrip to Osmotherley (Physical Geography investigation) 
  • Y7-8 Investigation into local area 

Learning Resources


Russia KO

Population KO

Natural Resources KO

Volcanoes and Earthquakes KO


Rivers KO

Economy KO

Development KO

Asia KO

Coasts KO


Rivers KO

Urban Issues and Challenges KO

Resource Management KO

Natural Hazards KO

Coasts KO

Changing Economic World KO