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Our Intent

The Drama department’s vision is to cultivate a love of learning for the subject. Drama aims to offer experiences that challenge students, through a working environment that promotes and encourages creativity and reflection. 

All students will be able to achieve their potential with a curriculum that is accessible for all. 

We will provide a holistic understanding of drama practice, where students will be able understand how the skills they develop can be used in the wider context of life.


Learniing Journey


Assessment 23

YEAR 7, 8 and 9

Students are assessed using Drama Pathways; students will be targeted as either Pathway 1,2 or 3. Students will then participate in a range of practical activities in their Drama lessons that will give students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the following areas: Rehearsal and collaboration, Performance and theatrical skills, Analysis and evaluation. There is no formal summative assessment in Drama, students will be continually assessed on their practical work in lessons by their teacher and end of term grades will be based on students overall work for that term.


Students are assessed on both the written and practical elements of the GCSE course. Practical assessments will take on the form of a devised performance or scripted performance. Written work will be in the form of a devising log, practice exam questions based on a set text or a live performance seen. In Yr10 students will complete the devised performance practical exam with accompanying devising logs. In Yr11 a visiting examiner will assess students performing their scripted exam performances and then they will complete a final written exam based on the set text and a live theatrical performance seen during the GCSE course.


YEAR 7, 8 and 9

Students will finish Drama at the end of Yr9 with the experience and knowledge of how to work effectively in groups. Students will all have had the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, equipping them with valuable speaking and listening skills that they can apply to their future studies and in the working world. Students should have also developed the ability to put themselves in the shoes of others and experience life from other viewpoints.


Students will leave with a GCSE grade and a strong platform to take them onto higher study in Drama, Theatre and Performance. Students who study Drama will have had the opportunity to build their confidence, while developing their presentation and performance skills. Students who study Drama will also become accomplished at working collaboratively in teams, developing their problem solving skills, learning to think creatively and being able to confidently express themselves and their ideas.

Drama Impact

Drama Cultural Capital opportunities:

  • Drama Club
  • Theatre trips
  • School production
  • Drama Leaders


Drama Prefect

Hi I'm Miles. Throughout my time at the academy, Drama has been the subject I love learning about and taking part in the most, which is why I'm very happy to be the prefect of it. I hope to get more students involved and engaged in drama activities throughout my time drama prefect as I believe it something everyone can enjoy.    



Knowledge Organisers

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Learning Resources

Drama Y7 Silent movie knowledge organiser

Drama Year 8 Physical Theatre Knowledge organiser

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