Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Hild


My name is Lana, I am in year 11 at All Saints Academy and I am currently the Head Prefect for St Hild house. Outside of school i like going on walks with my dog and participating in hockey and gymnastics teams. As well as this, I love to coach young gymnasts within a sport I love. 


All Saints Academy has always been a friendly and safe environment with many supporting staff members. The teachers and other members of staff always support every students and help us to become the best we can be. The displays the teachers create are very helpful and show a lot of information about each subject. If you are struggling mentally the corridor displays show where you can seek advice from and encourages students to seek the advice they need. 


During the students time at all saints, all students are given the chance to contribute to the academy. This can be in many different ways, such as tutor charity group events, inter-house competitions or becoming part of a subject leadership team. During my time at All Saints I have contributed in teams such as the netball team, maths and sport leader. 


Since year 7 I have wanted to become a prefect as they all seemed to enjoy the jobs they did and I hope to have a similar experience. As well as this, I hope to develop my leadership characteristics and learn how to be a better leader. During my time as a prefect I hope to involve myself in may activities with my peers and many opportunities will come from within my role. As the head of Hild prefect I will try my best to include the house values into my time at school, equality and inclusiveness as well as incorporating the rest of the school values, independence, aspirational, resilient, collaborative, reflection, creativity.