Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Hild

My name is Poppy I’m in Year 11 at All saints Academy and currently the head prefect for St Hild house. Since being at the academy I have always aspired to be a prefect to develop my leadership characteristics and learn how to be a better leader.

My role at All saints isn’t just to guide other pupils through their younger years, but to also understand what makes their school life enjoyable and what can be changed for everyone to have a great experience at the academy. As Hild is a house that holds the values of equality and inclusiveness I feel as if it is our duty to uphold those values and put them into practice for all pupils to feel welcomed and in a friendly environment.

 The academy is a brilliant place to grow as a person individually and build relationships with new people creating new friends like I have done so far with my time here. I am a dedicated footballer and I love watching others play too. During my time so far, I have been given many opportunities that enable me to learn new skills and knowledge and develop as person. These include football after school games, athletics competitions, Duke of Edinburgh, and many after school clubs. All Saints is a fantastic place that helps push all students to their full potential, learning new skills to be the best person you can possibly be. My main goal that I would like to achieve during my time at All saints within my role of being the head of Hild prefect is to continue to make sure all pupils feel equal and safe whilst being her at the school.