Senior Prefect

Diversity and Inclusion

My name is Elle and I am in year 11 at All Saints where I am currently senior prefect for ‘Inclusivity and Diversity.’ When I’m not in school I volunteer for a girl guiding unit and I am also a member on a netball team 


Whilst being at All Saints I've noticed the numerous opportunities available to take part in, with a vast range of choice meaning that there is literally a p6 club for everyone. For example in my earlier years at all saints I was a part of the netball team and I was a member of the choir ,but as I’ve grown I elected to be both a maths and science mentor and also a maths mentor so I had to opportunity to help others.


However, apart from the large range of period 6 clubs that all saints has to offer there is also the inspiring opportunity to be a part of inclusivity groups: anti-bullying group; the anti-racism group; the LGBTQIA+ group and also the newly established cultural ambassadors who are striving to support the academy achieve their School of Sanctuary status. 


Which now leads me to talk about my goals as a prefect: firstly it is to be the best role model that I can be and then secondly, to work well within the care and guidance to team to further establish All Saints Academy as a place of welcome and inclusivity.