Head Girl Curriculum

Year 11 Prefect

‘’ As a positive person, I deeply enjoy working with others to develop my skills that will be used within my school years, and in the wider world. ‘’

Hello! I am Melanie, a year 11 who is currently one of the Head Girls of All Saints Academy. I find joy in drawing and cooking for my friends and family - I have a younger sister and brother.

What I like about All Saints is the warm, positive, and friendly environment you get exposed to the moment you join the school. Personally, my favourite subject is science (specifically chemistry) because it is the most interesting to me and seems to have a lot of links to the world outside of school. I really enjoy the chemical-based practical's and seeing if my hypothesis were correct or not!

To a lot of people's surprise, I was shy when I joined. I was one of the only few people who came to All Saints from my primary school and was very desperate to make friends and seem cool. Before I joined, I had a constant thought I would feel more isolated due to my skin colour. However, I went on an incredible journey to develop myself, learning how to control my emotions and taken multiple leadership programmes to increase my confidence. Now, I am confident pupil and not afraid to say what I need to, and well liked amongst my peers. I'm glad that I can be an inspiration to those who came into secondary knowing nobody and make them feel as included as the school has made me feel over the years I've been here.

Being a prefect is practically a dream come true. I have always aspired to be a prefect when I joined the school – some of them really shaped me for who I am today. The challenges, responsibilities and expectations of being a prefect, will help me later in life with job opportunities in the medical field (which I aspire to be a part of), balancing my work and social life and coming into school with a positive mindset – even on days I might not feel my best.

As being Head Girl, I hope that in my role I can show that secondary school does not have to be bad – that with the right attitude, mindset and balance you can certainly move forward in your academic career at All Saints.