Head Girl Curriculum

Year 11 Prefect

Hello, my name is Abigail, and I am Head Girl at All Saints. Head Prefect is a role I first aspired towards before I even started at All Saints Academy! Having been inspired by a friend whilst still at primary school, my ambition continued to blossom throughout my journey at school. 

When I joined All Saints, I was an incredibly different person. From my initial struggles with low confidence and self-esteem, the Academy has helped me to grow in determination, independence, and resilience. I am overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to give some of that experience and understanding back to the younger students and, to help to maintain an atmosphere where everyone feels encouraged, motivated, and valued as well as safe and content in an environment where they can flourish. 

My aim is to share my passion for learning and the enjoyment that comes with learning something new. I would like to create opportunities for others to see the joys of discovering new things; gaining new experiences; being able to handle a wide range of challenges and master new skills which all help to boost self-esteem and pride. 

It is a privilege to be Head Girl and I relish the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Prefect team, fellow students and of course the teachers at All Saints Academy, to widen my experience and gain new skills for later in my life.