Head Girl Care, Guidance and Support

Year 11

Hello I am Scarlett, Head Girl at All Saints Academy. My role as head prefect of Care, Guidance and Support involves supporting students within the school and creating a friendly and safe environment for all students. I am very proud of the role I have within school and I feel that it will be beneficial for me in the future when applying for jobs as I have experienced an interview process. I am kind, caring and passionate and I hope during my role as head girl and throughout my time at All Saints I have had a positive impact on other students. A key aspect of my role is to liaise with other prefects within the care and guidance faculty to provide an inspiration for other students as well as representing the school and interacting with all students.

I am a dedicated footballer and love playing and watching football in my free time. All Saints Academy is a great school that helps push students to reach their full potential whilst reinforcing the school ethos. During my time so far at all Saints Academy I have had multiple opportunities that enable me to learn new skills and develop as a person. When I first started at All Saints Academy I remember listening to the head girl and head boy and the time and just being in awe of their role within the school. From that moment onwards I knew I wanted to become a prefect, I attended a variety of P6s and took part in multiple different leadership opportunities. A key element that helped me become head girl was displaying all of my leadership and contributions inside/outside of school on my online portfolio- cultural capital which will prove useful in the future when applying for universities/jobs. I successfully became a 'Cultural Capital Champion' when I completed over 10 sections of my cultural capital across the 4 pillars: skills, character, leadership and culture and was given the opportunity to go on a trip to Edinburgh.

One of my main goals I would like to achieve within my role of head prefect of care and guidance is to continue to create a strong support network for students across the school and also continue to ensure equality throughout the school. I am excited to have the opportunity of being head girl and I look forward to the giving my all to this role and making a difference within the school.