Head boy Care, Guidance and Support

Year 11

Hello I am Oliver, Head Boy of Care, Guidance, and Support at All Saints Academy. The main aspect of my role is to maintain the safe and friendly environment we have here at All Saints. I look forward to working with the prefect team which I will be leading this year, and I am excited to fulfil our aims. I have always wanted to be Head Boy at All Saints ever since I was in Year 7. I have been heavily involved within school life, from Senior Sports Captain to writing articles for the school newsletter during lockdown. I have been successful in gaining Cultural Capital status this year because I have completed over 10 sections of my cultural capital across the 4 pillars: Leadership, Culture, Character, Skills. This has resulted in me being able to be invited to go to Liverpool with the other ‘Cultural Capital Champions’.  

Outside of school, I am a Badminton England Young Leader, sharing my expertise at my local badminton club. This opportunity has been phenomenal, resulting in me travelling across the country to meet Olympians and getting VIP seats at badminton competitions, and more recently being the face of a young leadership campaign. When I’m not on a badminton court, you can probably find me on the stage. I absolutely love performing arts, it has enabled me to grow in confidence and has resulted in me making lots of memories with great friends. 

My aim for this next year is to ensure that All Saints Academy continues to be a safe space for students and that students are aware that they have a wide support network out there whether it be teachers or the prefect team. I am excited to be Head Boy and I look forward to achieving my aims in this next year.