Resources to support post 16 transition

To support our Year 11 students and their transition from All Saints Academy to their post 16 destination, we have created this page to post a variety of resources and actvities to provide Y11 with activities to help prepare them for their post 16 induction. These resources have been made accessable through the Pixl learning platform (

These are additonal resources that may be completed in conjunction with tasks sent out to via specific post 16 organisations.

For each subject area, there are series of progression tasks.


Creative and Perfoming Arts

English, Media and MFL

IT, Computer Science and Business

Science, Maths and Engineering

Social Sciences and Humanities



Please record your outcomes in the editable LEP booklet which has been emailed out to all Year 11 students (please check your school email account). These booklets can be printed out or viewed as part of your transition with your college or training provider to show your commitment to learning during the lockdown period.