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In Mathematics at All Saints Academy the students will embark on a 5 year journey studying mathematical content that ranges from: number; algebra; geometry; ratio and statistics. We will link the content to how mathematics is used in an everyday context as well investigating the elegance and beauty of the subject. 

We offer a range of opportunities that the students can get involved with, these include activities such as the UKMT Maths Challenge, the University of Southampton Cipher Challenge and the NSPCC's Maths Day as well as numerous revision and homework clubs. 

Students are also encouraged to volunteer to become Math Mentors. The mentors work on an individual basis with other students who are struggling with the subject.

The Students will follow a scheme of work which aims to both challenge, as well as develop a passion and confidence in the subject.   The links below show an overview of the different levels of work that students will be expected to master.


Schemes of Work:

5 Year Route Map Year 7 Sets 1 and 2
Year 8-11 sets 1, 2 and 3

5 Year Route Map Year 7 Sets 2, 3 and 4
Year 8-11 sets 4,5 and 6