Years 7 and 8 Bushcraft Residential at Castle Howard

Posted on June 25th 2019

On Sunday 16th of June, over one hundred Year 7 and Year 8 students excitedly assembled in the school car park for their residential trip to Bushcraft at Castle Howard. After a short journey, the campers arrived at their campsites on the grounds of Castle Howard ready for three days of fun, friendship and festivities. 

Initially, the students gathered in the huge yurts in the centre of their campsites to be briefed by their Bushcraft leaders, whose expertise lay in the outdoors and camping. Besides the warmth of the campfires, the students were told about the range of activities they would be taking part in during their time at Bushcraft and were put into different tribes.

Throughout their three days students made campfires, created tribal flags and built weatherproof shelters. However, one of the highlights of the trip had to be when the Year 7 students were faced with a mock plane crash which required them to perform first aid on their teachers, who were the acting casualties and covered with fake blood. Amazingly, the Year 7 students successfully put their teachers in the recovery position and lifted them to safety away from the plane crash site. Another memorable experience was when some brave students ate actual fisheyes after filleting a whole salmon! This nauseating task had the entire camp in fits of hysterical laughter as the eyeball’s popped and spurted in the students’ mouths. It was like a trial from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Friendships were formed when students performed with their tribes in the camp’s talent show. Dance acts, comedians, poets and singers all graced the woodland stage in a talent show to rival that of any television programme. Each tribe practiced and performed a talent to wow the teacher’s judging the show and it was decided that Tribe A from Year 8 were the winners with their interesting performance of Lewis Caroll’s nonsense poem ‘Jabberwocky’.

The Bushcraft experience allowed students to form lasting bonds with each other whilst teaching them about survival skills and woodland craft. What a fantastic, memorable trip!


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