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Be a Leader

Posted on September 25th 2019

Work hard and be a leader; be lazy and never succeed.                                                                                                                                                                       Proverbs 12:24


As we come to the end of the fourth week back it is difficult not to feel like our new Y7s have been with us for much longer. They are finding their way around the building with ease and have brought a new enthusiasm with them to the Academy.

As part of the first Personal Development Education (PDE) day of the new academic year all Y8 students have been developing their metacognition skills, allowing them to solve the mystery of ‘Who murdered the Headteacher?’.

The rest of the school have been engaged in a variety of engaging activities ranging from healthy eating and fitness plans to planning their CVs and finding out about the local job market.

Over the next few weeks all students will be offered the chance to participate in an array of student leadership opportunities. We hope as many as possible will become involved and I look forward to sharing their experiences with you throughout the year.



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