Food & Nutrition



YEARS 7 & 8

Food and Nutrition at All Saints equips students with the life skills to take forward, that allow them to cook independently; use a range of equipment safely and learn about new ingredients, and how to use them. We encourage students to develop ways of communicating ideas across all areas of food practical, from adapting recipes to fit dietary requirements or for specific life stages. To understand the different cultures and identify user needs across all areas of research, design and practical, to understand the properties of a range of ingredients. We inspire to develop essential skills for future employability and students understanding of the different career pathways and job roles.


At All Saints Academy we encourage students to research, design and prepare food products with creativity and originality through a variety of practical activities using a range of ingredients, methods and equipment to show a range of high level skills in the test kitchen. Food preparation and Nutrition is a practical subject area which requires the application of knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning, making products and evaluating them. By allowing the students to experiment with ingredients and food, lets students make the connections between theory and practice to apply their understanding of food and nutrition to practical preparation


YEARS 7 & 8: Learning Journey

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