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"Design is intelligence made visible". alina wheeler.

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Our Intent 7 & 8

All Saints Academy aims to encourage students to use their creativity and problem solving skills to communicate their ideas through sketches, design and prototyping. They will understand the importance of health and safety in Design Technology and understand a range of equipment, and its uses. To identify user needs across all areas of research, design and prototyping, and to understand the properties and characteristics of a range of materials. Create a range different surface decoration techniques, using mixed materials, finalising in a finished product. To identify and understand ergonomics and anthropometrics, it uses within the modern world. Develop a broad knowledge of artists and designers and how they have influenced the products around us, in the modern world. We encourage students to develop essential skills for their future employability and develop their understanding of the different career pathways and job roles.

Our Intent GCSE DT

Design Technology at All Saints Academy  is designed for students with an interest in any aspect of design, researching and using tools and materials to make products, and have a desire for independent learning. Students will develop their understanding of, how to research ideas and use various sources, how to explore and use a range of media and materials, the effectiveness of building a portfolio of ideas and prototyping. How to respond to a brief or theme, to analyse the effectiveness of experimentation with materials and methods of making and employability within the sector.

We follow the AQA syllabus:



DT Learning Journey 23 24 KS3

DT Learning Journey 23 24 KS4


Pathways by year group for Food

Pathways by year group for Materials and Engineering


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Cultural Capital Opportunities

  • Interhouse competitions
  • Aspire talks
  • Company talks- The Mill/Il Mulino, Robertsons, Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation.
  • Company visits- Chocolate Factory, Quorn, Nissan

DT Prefect

Hello I am Maxim, and I am the senior prefect for Engineering/DT here at All Saints Academy. I am here because during my time in school I have developed a passion for Engineering and other similar subjects and wish to support the subject, building it within the school.

My role generally consists of, helping at Open Days within the Engineering faculty, developing more understanding of the subject itself and the opportunities available with it in post school life and getting more people involved with engineering within the school.

Additionally, my personal hobbies tie into the role as outside of school I often enjoy building and manufacturing various objects with either decorative or practical applications and so through this role I also intend to further develop this enjoyment and passion for engineering within the school.


Learning Resources

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Design Technology Year 7 and 8 key vocab