Year 11/Senior House Prefect (Francis House)

The classroom environments at All Saints are very friendly and positive and curiosity and asking questions is encouraged.

My name is Emma, and I am in Year 11. I love reading, and some of my favourite books are “The Book Thief” and “Pride and Prejudice”. I also have a passion for singing and performing and my favourite music genre is musical theatre. I hope to work in theatre someday. My favourite lessons at All Saints are History and English Literature, both of which I would like to go on to study at A-Level. I love History because it has always interested me from Primary school, and I really enjoy learning about people and events from the past. My love for English Literature stems from my love of reading, and I find it fascinating looking deeper than just face value into stories and characters.

The classroom environments at All Saints are very friendly and positive and curiosity and asking questions is encouraged. There is also a great emphasis placed on enrichment and feedback is always gathered about student’s thoughts on the enrichment days. The corridor displays are eye-catching and relevant to the topics that we learn about. There are also many support systems in place for students who are struggling, mentally or academically.

I wanted to become a prefect because, as someone who has struggled with anxiety and overthinking and needed that support system, I wanted to give back to the community which has helped and reassured me over the last 4 years. I also wanted to provide younger students with an older student who they knew they could come and talk to if they wanted advice from someone closer in age to them.

As a prefect I also would like to increase involvement in charity work within Francis House, especially among older students who often become less interested. I hope to gather feedback about past charity events and develop them to make them more enjoyable and interesting for all year groups. I have been involved with many student leadership groups since Year 7, such as the TELL Leaders, who assist with assemblies and church services, English Leaders, who help the English department with various tasks across the school and the Reading Leaders, who last academic year were helping to re-do the HRC and make it into a library. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of these groups and knowing that I was helping was extremely gratifying.

I think that being a prefect at All Saints Academy will help me to gain a better understanding of all the work that goes into making the school what it is, and I hope to develop my teamwork and leadership skills in order to become more aware of how I can improve. I also think that it will help me to develop my time management skills in order to ensure that I am putting my best effort into all areas.