Senior Prefect

Cultural Capital

My name is Grace, and I am a Year 11 student and the senior prefect for Cultural Capital at the academy. I enjoy reading, and one of my favourite subjects in school is history because I find learning about some of the causes and consequences of major events from the past very interesting.


Being a senior prefect is a goal that I have aspired towards throughout my journey at this school, as I have always looked up to the Year 11s, and want to be a role model for the younger students at the academy. I also think that this role will help me with getting some key skills for later in my life, leadership being one.


Throughout my time at this school, I’ve taken part in a wide range of activities, ranging from history debate, to being a part of the choir, and to recently going on a school trip to Edinburgh. I have also taken on many leadership roles including English Leaders and TELL Leaders. I think that this has helped to give me some of the necessary skills to be one of the senior prefect roles, and it has defintely helped me make some friends along the way.


Whilst being at the academy, one thing that I’ve noticed is how many opportunities there are for students of all ages. Almost every night there is a period 6, and there are inspire talks where visitors come in to talk to students for things such as different job options that students might want in the future. I think that all of this helps to build the character of the students at the school, and helps to make students feel welcome and safe, like part of the academy community. I love being a part of this; both helping at as many period 6s and events as I can, and helping students to get involved in some of the many opportunities offered at the academy.


I plan to use all of the skills I have accumulated over my years at the academy to achieve my goals during this year. Due to my role being a prefect of Cultural Capital, I aim to increase involvement across all of the four pillars, and to make sure that more students enjoy being a part of the school community. I am very excited to be able to represent the school by being a senior prefect, and by keeping up the warm and positive environment that has been established at the academy.