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Personal Development Team Senior Prefects 


My name is Ivy and I am currently one of the personal development senior prefects. During my time at All Saints I’ve aspired to be a prefect and help peoples’ character development in school, but also children’s mental health. I want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in school. 

My role as prefect is to help anybody that needs it but also PDE days. PDE days happen every half term in school  and provide students with the knowledge for life skills beyond the regular curriculum. These days encourage people to be successful and give students extra knowledge about living in Britain and about ways to tackle modern day society.  

Hello there! I’m Jess, one of the Personal Development Prefects here at All Saints. I can't stress enough how important it is to be your best self in school. It's not just about acing those exams (although that's pretty cool too), but it's about constantly growing and improving both inside those school walls and in the comfort of your own home.  

My role consists of PDE days, which provide a platform for students to explore various topics that go beyond the regular school curriculum, as well as mental health, which is an incredibly important aspect of a student’s life. Being a secondary school student can often feel like a roller coaster, especially during exam season. It's crucial for all students to learn how to cope with that stress and prioritize their mental well-being. As a prefect, I'm committed to fostering these skills and ensuring that every student has the tools they need to navigate these challenges successfully.