Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Cuthbert

Hello, my name is Mia and I am the Head of Cuthbert. The reason I applied to become the Head of Cuthbert is that I wanted to help other people feel more confident in themselves and in their ideas so that they may expand their horizons and step out of their comfort zones to become more bold and confident individuals. Ever since I joined All Saints, I have known that I want to make a difference, not only in this school but also in the lives of those around it; from a young age, confidence has never been an issue for me. However, I discovered in this school that I have loved helping other people discover their own confidence by encouraging them to do the things that they love, no matter how nervous it may make them so that they can overcome leaving their comfort zones.

When I joined secondary school, I already had a good idea on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and what sort of career I wanted to obtain in the future. My only issue was that regardless of how grand my end goal was and how much I wanted to rush into the future, I had no idea of what journey I would need to take in order to begin heading in the right direction. Therefore, much to my earlier annoyance, I decided that in order to become the successful figure I admired, that I would have to live life one day at a time so that I could gain new experiences and work on myself as a person in order to have a great chance at meeting my end goal. As a year 11, I am now looking back at this journey and I am so happy in the progress I have made up until this point. In year 8 I made the decision to take Art, Drama and Geography as my GCSE options, and I am very happy that I did because I couldn’t imagine having chosen any different. I truly believe that if you follow your instincts and do what you believe is necessary then you will never go wrong.

Cuthbert house is represent by the words ‘unity’ - the state of being united or joined as a whole, and ‘diligence’ - careful and persistent work or effort. I feel that these words positively reflect the true nature of Cuthbert House in a brilliant way because I feel that my house is full of people who are caring, hardworking and persistent, so I am extremely proud to be able to call myself the Head of Cuthbert.

As the Head of Cuthbert I will make it my personal mission to make that single students, no matter how confident or shy, get given the opportunity to grow and develop themselves throughout their journey here at All Saints.