Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Cuthbert

My name is Charley and I am the head of my house, Cuthbert. Throughout my entire school career, I have been building up my school portfolio to be able to secure this exciting role. I have taken part in many period 6’s through my time at all saints such as Eco-Schools and library leaders and continue to complete my cultural capital each year – this also meant that All Saints gave me the opportunity to go to Edinburgh. Everything that I have collected up to now allowed me to take this role and for that, I am so grateful.


I am proud to be a member of the All Saints Academy community. My school offers so many amazing things to take part in like the anti-bullying group, anti-racism group and the LGBTQ+ group. The fact that these exist make me extremely happy as it’s helping to fight against prejudice and make more students feel welcomed and safe. Additionally, we have many mentoring groups for different subjects and leaders in each subject to help the younger students – for example, I am a maths leader and I love this role.


Outside of school, my favourite extra-curricular activity that I take part in is an amateur dramatics theatre group. Doing a week-long run of the musical 9-5 is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been through and it taught me lots about time management and how to work as a group. I also do modern and tap dance outside of school and I am working towards getting my teacher’s qualification there.


I plan on using all the skills I have accumulated to achieve my goals during my time as Head of Cuthbert. Due to this job being part of the care and guidance team, my main aim is to prioritise the mental health of the younger, more anxious about coming to school students at All Saints. I have many ideas that I am excited to put forward this year and hope they will be carried on when I leave.