Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Aidan

Hello! My name is Emily, and I am the Head of Aidan prefect. I applied for prefect because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone whilst also being able to help others on a wider level. Throughout secondary school, I never wanted to step out of my comfort zone because I knew I would not like it, but I realised, no one is supposed to like stepping out of their comfort zone. It’s a challenge everyone faces, and I knew I wanted to face it. I felt capable. My confidence has grown rapidly lately, and I felt good about taking that leap of faith. Furthermore, I as mentioned above, I wanted to help others on a wider level. Whenever anyone is in trouble, I want to be able to help them whether it be academically or emotionally. Being prefect would allow me to give others the opportunity to reach out for help no matter what year group they are in and whether they know me or not because I would be able to establish myself as someone they can go to for help and someone who they can trust. 

When I joined secondary school, I was quite shy. My best friend had joined a different school and I had no idea of the things I was truly interested in. Nevertheless, I persevered through lessons and tried many things though I still lacked confidence. The first three years of secondary were particularly difficult for me as I went through many friend groups and struggled with my confidence. In late year 9, I decided to apply for sports captain as I had already been partaking in other leadership activities such as mentoring, and I loved it. It gave me many opportunities to try new things and my confidence started to grow. In year 10, this continued. I joined cadets and started taking the opportunities available to me to improve myself. All I needed to do was take a leap of faith! Quickly, my confidence grew, and I can gladly say that I am a much better version of myself than I was 2 years ago. It is because of this that I feel the house values for Aidan are as important as they are. Forgiveness and reconciliation are key concepts that everyone should look towards and without those I probably would not be doing as well as I am today! Forgiving others and yourself for your actions is so important along with reconciling with others you once thought you could not speak to again. I wish to help other students struggling in the same way by offering advice and giving my time up to help them whether it be at break times or after school. 

It is my belief that safety is one of the main aspects of school life and I wish for my team and I to create a safer environment for all students. We believe in supporting students’ needs and creating a trusting environment where they can feel comfortable to ask for help with assurance that we will do our best to support them and offer guidance to them. I hope to be someone that Aidan students feel they can go to for help no matter the situation. Whether they want me to help them or want me to go with them to our Head of House, I will be happy to help. I believe that this will allow for better enjoyment of school as we help to lift weights of worry from students’ shoulders to the best of our ability whilst also helping to provide a better path for improvement. 

Finally, I want to promote and encourage the development of key skills which are needed in later life such as confronting mistakes and developing confidence by providing opportunities for students to come forward and ask for help. I believe that these opportunities will be highly beneficial to students no matter their age.