Senior Prefect Head of House

Saint Aidan

Hello! I am Phoebe and I am the head of Aidan house at All Saints Academy. The academy is a wonderful place to grow as a person, as I have through my journey in All Saints. As Aidan is a house that really resonates with  values of reconciliation and forgiveness I feel it is our  duty that we should uphold those values and put them into practise when we as a team are reflecting on how to improve your school life and those who will come after you and I really hope that we can do this to make change for the better. The academy has really shaped who I am, from being shy,  reluctant to share  ideas and hesitant to being collaborative, to becoming a proactive learner, a mentor to my peers and a team player. Another way in which that my personality has shifted thanks to the incredible opportunities that All Saints has to offer is through the extra curricular activities. When I first embarked upon my journey with All Saints I joined the netball team, with little to no experience with the game and was really quite awful at the sport, but with the help and guidances of PE teachers and growing experience I began to start navigating my way around the courts and ultimately playing in matches against other schools – as you can too!


My role at All Saints isn’t just to guide the younger years, but really to understand what makes their school life work, and what needs to be changed in order to make sure that everyone has a great experience and that  school  is not a chore but enjoyable and exciting – just as it should be!