Coronavirus Update

Posted on July 12th 2020

The principle that we are all working to is that if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. The Government is asking parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible – schools will remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

12th July 2020

Plans for September will be reviewed by the Trust  board on Wednesday morning - as soon we receive approval details will be shared before we finish for the summer holidays.

5th July 2020

September 2020

On Thursday last week the Secretary of State for Education confirmed that it is the intention that all schools will be fully open to all students in the Autumn term. We are now working on plans to implement a full curriculum to all students under the guidelines which have been set. 

We hope to share initial plans before we close for the summer holidays but the Government will not confirm the arrangements until 11th August so any plans will still be subject to change.

We can however confirm that full uniform will be expected, as stated in the guidance. In addition, students must have their own equipment, as we are unable to 'share' anything in school.

Throughout the summer the website will be the main form of communication so please continue to check regularly.

1st July 2020

Summer holiday arrangements

The Secretary of State for Education has confirmed that they are not asking schools to open over the summer holidays, and there is no expectation that schools should open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers over this period. 

30th June 2020

Last week I sent a letter explaining that we were waiting for the Department for Education to publish guidance to support a return to school for all students in September, we are still waiting but it has been promised for the end of this week.

Year 10 have been back in for 3 weeks now, making the most of the opportunity to have some interaction with their teachers and we have continued to be open for the children of keyworkers.

Last week Mrs Pickering was on the rota with the keyworker children, and with their permission produced this wonderful drawing.

LD1 (2)

19th June 2020



This week has been a week where we welcomed some of our Y10 students back to school. Provision may have been limited to only English, maths and science and the classroom setting very different, but it was wonderful to see some learning taking place in the building!

Some (most) of the children even admitted they were glad to be back and the staff all really enjoyed teaching with a live audience. We look forward to seeing them again next week.

If you are a Y10 who has not returned all the work covered in school is available on Teams.




Also today the Department for Education have made the following press release. As yet Headteachers have no further detail to answer any questions which arise from the announcement.



12th June 2020

On Monday the Government stepped back from their plans to send all primary school aged children back to school before the summer holidays.

On Wednesday the Prime Minister announced that the plan for the return of students in September would be release next week – as yet we are still unsure when or how this will be communicated to schools.

All the latest advice from Government is available below should you wish to read it.

What parents

7th June 2020

From Monday 8th June tutors will be ringing students to have a Wellbeing conversation. The calls will be made to parents but the hope is that tutors can speak to all their tutees, find out how they are doing and check that they are keeping safe and well.

As we prepare to open our doors to a very limited number of Y10 students we would like to reassure and remind students that the Virtual School is still running and your teachers are closely monitoring your engagement and submission of work.

From 15th June if you have English or maths on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday your teacher may be in school teaching the Y10 students so while your work will still be available your teacher might not be until later in the day. This is the timetable the Y10s will follow.



1st June 2020

As we will be unable to open the doors this half term to all but a few Y10 students we have produced a Remote Learning Expectations document which outlines the offer from all subject areas.

27th May 2020

This week the DfE have released plans for Y10 students only to return to school before the summer holidays. This means all other year groups will remain working from home until the end of the summer term.

We have no details of what form schooling will take in the new academic year but once any details are released we will contact all parents and children.

11th May 2020

Last week I made the comment 'I miss the noise, the academy is too quiet!' This led me to ask Mrs Bowstead to put together a video we could share with you. The comments come from the staff and the images are from the wonderful collection we have of you when school was open as normal.

We hope you enjoy.


7th May 2020


Anna Jackson Year 8

5th May 2020

A few parents are asking to be reminded of the timings of our virtual day. Remember Friday is a Bank Holiday so no 'virtual' school. See you back online on Monday 11th May.


4th May 2020

The UK Blessing

Yesterday the following video was released which many of you will have already seen but at this difficult time it may offer some peace and hope.


At this unique and challenging time in the United Kingdom over 65 churches and movements, representing hundreds of others, have come together online to sing a blessing over our land. Standing together as one, our desire is that this song will fill you with hope and encourage you.

But the church is not simply singing a blessing, each day they are looking to practically be a blessing. Many of the churches included in this song have assisted with supplying over 400,000 meals to the most vulnerable and isolated in our nation since COVID-19 lockdown began. This alongside phone calls to the isolated, pharmacy delivery drops and hot meals to the NHS frontline hospital staff.


30th April 2020

Well that wasn't the summer term start we were expecting.

Firstly I would like to say 'Thank you' for the many supportive emails and phone calls we have received thanking the staff and showing appreciation of the hard work and efforts we are making to try and maintain some routine for everyone while faced with many difficulties.

To the children I would say 'Thank you' for trying to work during these starnge times. I know you are missing your friends and freedoms and some of you even school!

To the parents and carers 'Thank you'. I know it is difficult to juggle your own work and childcare with home schooling but your efforts are too appreciated.

Next Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday and while we will still be living with lockdown the Virtual School will also be on holiday, the new normal pattern of working will resume on Monday 11th May at 9.30am.

Take care of each other.

Mrs Ashleigh Lees

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