Celebration Evening and Archbishop Award

Posted on July 18th 2019

On Thursday 11th July, All Saints Academy held their annual Celebration Evening to award students for their hard work and effort throughout the year. The evening was a huge success with guest speaker Peter Barron captivating his audience of parents, students and staff with his hilarious but inspiring tales about the start of his career on the Grimby Gazette. He inspired all the students to reach their potential and to learn from each mistake they make in life.

Students from all Year groups were awarded for their progress and effort, receiving awards from each subject. Enrichment Awards were given to the winning Netball Team, English Speaking Union speakers, Cranmer participants and Maths Awards.  However, at the end of the evening there was a particularly special award given. This award was a special commendation for the Archbishop’s Award from the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu himself. The recipient of this award was Sally Sheridan for her excellent contributions in her community.

Everyone in Year 8 takes part in this award, organised by the Archbishop, to encourage leadership and community services within young people. The award consists of three main modules: Hope, Faith and Action. Students learn about these modules in lessons and are then encouraged to do three personal leadership tasks outside of school. Sally, encouraged by the leaders she had been taught about in class, went out and completed several leadership tasks which involved lots of planning and effort. She had a list of community acts that she had completed: cutting off her long hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust;  raised £200 for Age UK; litter-picked in her local area; baked cakes for people in her community to name but a few. Also, when the Salvation Army came in to teach Year 8 about what they do, Sally collected bags of food from her tutor group and these were kindly donated to the cause. Sally is very grateful to have received this much deserved award, along with a letter from Archbishop Sentamu. All the Year 8s made a huge difference in their Archbishop’s Award and it was an incredible experience for everyone involved.






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