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Moving Day

Posted on January 11th 2019

May I begin by wishing students, staff, parents, governors and friends of All Saints a very happy and peaceful new year.

As we return to school in 2019 we do so in anticipation of changes to the school site. All external works to our new car park have been completed and from Monday 14th we will be moving to the new and vacating the old ready for the builders to finally start on the long-awaited leisure centre.


While many parents/carers and extended family use the car park as a dropping off and collection point for our students, may I request that you continue to be mindful of the constraints the building works has on the school and the library facilities. Courteous and careful use of the car park is paramount especially given the closeness to the primary school and their children.


Nationally, schools are considering closing their car parks to parents, as there is a lack of space and additionally damage has occurred to staff and visitor vehicles. At All Saints, regrettably, we have experienced damage ourselves and as a result we will be monitoring the car park closely over the coming months.


Once the original car park is closed there will be no access to the rear of the building (except for emergency vehicles). This will mean that parking at all future events will prove even more difficult than normal as staff usually park on the tennis courts to accommodate as many visitors as possible.


Finally thank you for your continued support as we move forward with the building works.


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