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"Never say never because limits, like fear, are often just illusions." michael jordan.

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Throughout PE students will develop lifelong skills, such as, resilience, independence and leadership, whilst developing their physical, social and mental wellbeing.  These skills are important for success in sport as well as wider life and in the academy. These are harnessed through a broad range of physical activities giving students the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports.


In PE students will work on skills needed to play a range of sporting activities competitively but will be assessed through three different stands: 1. Performance (Practical ability in each sport/activity) 2. Knowledge and understanding (anatomy, and physiology Y7, components of fitness and sporting values Y8, and principles of training, methods of training and sporting values Y9) as well as the rules and regulations and tactical play of each sport. 3. Interacting (incorporating the learner dispositions, healthy behaviours, leadership, and life skills). Students will use these skills to improve their learning across the curriculum and beyond.

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Sport Studies Information

In OCR Nationals Sports Studies students complete 3 units across the programme, which allows a mixture of practical and theory lessons. R185 looks at Performance and leadership in sports activities. R186 looks at Sport and the media and how it influenced.  R184 looks at contemporary issues in sport. Focusing on issues that impact sports participation, promoting sporting values, implications of hosting a major sporting event, and the role that National Governing Bodies play in sports development.

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Throughout PE students will become more resilience, more independent and confident leaders, which will transfer across the curriculum throughout the academy. Students will engage in sports participation during lessons and have the opportunity to participate in sports outside of curriculum time, showing developed skills, knowledge of rules and regulations and tactical application.


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Extra-curricular clubs 

Representing the Academy in Stockton Fixtures, including the Stockton school games 

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Sport Prefect

Ben E SportHi, I am Ben, Head Sports prefect at All Saints Academy. My role as a sports prefect is to encourage people within the academy in sports and make sure students step out of there comfort zone. My aim as a Sports prefect is develop student’s qualities and to improve their skills. During the school I will work with my sports captain team to organise and host activities/competitions for the students to join in and make sure the sports that the students participate in that they enjoy and will look forward to doing more of that sport. I wanted to be Sports prefect because I love sport. I enjoy being competitive and striving to be the best i can be, and I am also looking forward for this school year in sports as there will be big things coming up.


Learning Resources

Y7 Muscles and Movement

Y7 Skeleton and Movement

Y8 Components of Fitness

Y8 Sporting Values

Y9 Methods of Training

Y9 Principles of Training