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Did you know that reading has been proven to reduce stress? In today’s world, helping our children with this is so important. If you’d like support choosing a book for your child, do get in touch with their English teacher or visit a website such as

@All_Saintsib - 21st Jan 2022

INSPIRE TALKS Speakers for Schools Come and hear from Assistant Chief Constable, Northumbria Police When: Friday 28th January at 3pm-4pm Where: Academy Library

@All_Saintsib - 21st Jan 2022

The English Team are certainly moved into their new classrooms!

@All_Saintsib - 21st Jan 2022

WARNING DO NOT READ WHEN HUNGRY! Look at the selection of wonderful dishes created by Y11 for their food practical this week.

@All_Saintsib - 21st Jan 2022

ALERT: Roblox - Sexualised content We would encourage a conversation on the topic of being safe in online gaming and exposure to inappropriate content.

@All_Saintsib - 20th Jan 2022

St. Helena now has pride of place in the round window next to Mrs Maloy's new classroom.

@All_Saintsib - 19th Jan 2022

Head of Art An opportunity to join our 'outstanding' academy team from Easter 2022. If you want to join our community of research driven teachers with excellent CPL opportunities and children who are active learners then please take a look at the details

@All_Saintsib - 18th Jan 2022

A non-uniform day before Christmas raised over £1500. The children have been voting for which charity they would like to donate the monies to. The winner, Rhett UK, was suggested by 7Os.

@All_Saintsib - 18th Jan 2022

This reflection for the week was shared with me so I am passing it forward. A simple, yet powerful, piece of music by Kings Return. A beautiful Gregorian Chant but with a contemporary interpretation and sung in a stairway!

@All_Saintsib - 17th Jan 2022

Important letters have been emailed today regarding changes to isolation periods and outbreak notification letters to certain year groups.

@All_Saintsib - 17th Jan 2022

Remember to test and record results at before coming to school. Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully as many +ve are 'showing' at 15 mins & beyond. Working together to keep school safe and open to all students must remain our priority.

@All_Saintsib - 16th Jan 2022

Sunday 16 January 2022 Morning Prayer for Sunday during the Epiphany season

@All_Saintsib - 16th Jan 2022

Even better with children learning!

@All_Saintsib - 12th Jan 2022

The whole world is short staffed. Be kind to those that turned up.🙏

@All_Saintsib - 11th Jan 2022

Ready for learning in the new classrooms.

@All_Saintsib - 11th Jan 2022

We officially opened the extension to the school today and moved most of the staff and children into their new rooms.

@All_Saintsib - 10th Jan 2022

As C19 rates across Teesside continue to surge please make sure regular LFD testing is taking place and results registered. Remember follow the instructions and even a very faint line is a positive so self isolation should be followed immediately.

@All_Saintsib - 8th Jan 2022

Pharmacy World, (Roseworth, TS19 9BX) have more walk-in vaccine clinics available each day this week from Wednesday 5th January to Sunday 9th January. These are running from 10am – 7pm each day (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Ages: 12+ Vaccines: 1st/2nd doses

@All_Saintsib - 6th Jan 2022

We waited until 2.30pm to send the letter out today but still the change to policy arrived... From 11 January, individuals who receive positive LFD test results for COVID-19 will be required to self-isolate immediately. They will not be required to take a follow up PCR test.

@All_Saintsib - 5th Jan 2022

All students return to school tomorrow to begin the Spring term. An important letter regarding the return was emailed to all families today.

@All_Saintsib - 5th Jan 2022

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