Yorkshire Schools Pilgrimage to Taizé - The Journey begins!

Posted on July 14th 2018


Sally Blackburn

Taizé Day 1 – Saturday 14 July 2018

The day has arrived: after months of planning and high expectations, today the Yorkshire Schools Pilgrimage to Taizé becomes a reality. There are four coaches and 165 people heading out of York and down to Calais, towards the Taizé Community in France for a week of prayer, reflection, service and relaxation. The young people on board, ranging in age from 14 to 18, have all participated in my Youth Trust’s Young Leaders Award. and have worked hard and completed some amazing voluntary work in their local communities. My prayer for them now is that they will enjoy this opportunity to be refreshed during this week among the Brothers and all those gathered at the Taizé Community.

All Saints staff and students all arrived in plenty of time to board the bus and begin their journey to York to meet with the Archbishop and the other young people they will be spending the week with. All were waved off, with a few tears, but that was just the parents!

Everyone heard the cry – ‘Stop the Bus!’ too late they were on their way. What was the problem? Forgotten case? Sleeping Bag? No they hadn’t forgotten anything or anyone rather taken something they shouldn’t have. Fr Clay had the family car keys in his pocket, so we called the students and chased the bus to the edge of the A19, panic over the keys were recovered allowing the bus to continue on its way.

We will update this page throughout the week, as we hear more and you can follow the Archbishop's daily reflections here.

Taizé Day 4 – Tuesdat 17 July 2018

t girlsListen to Olivia, Amy and Katie as they talk about being split into small international groups to do bible reflections, activities and work around the village in the morning and parts of the afternoon.


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