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Tablet PC Deployment

Posted on September 22nd 2016

It has taken a while to get everything sorted and settled ready for the launch of our Tablet PC initiative but we are now ready to deploy the Tablet PCs to all our Year 7 to 9 students for use during the academy day.

Students will be able to access the Tablet PCs from Friday (23/09/2016) and carry them to use in lessons. We are optimistic that, over time, students and staff will be able to make increasingly creative use of the Tablet PCs. I will provide some examples of how they are being used over the coming weeks and months.

The Tablet PC itself is a Linx 1010B, which can be readily purchased from PC World, Sainsburys, other stores or online should you be interested in purchasing one for home use. We have provided a docking keyboard for each Tablet to ensure students can use the keyboard or touch to navigate. The keyboard is also a useful protective covering for the Tablet screen when closed. Writing can be undertaken using the keyboard or, should you wish, via an inexpensive Tablet pen.

Linx 1010BLinx 1010B with KB

…. and what about Year 10 and 11 students.

Ultimately, with limited financial resources, we had to make a decision about who we could best develop a new ICT based approach to working with and decided that Years 7 to 9 students would be those who had sufficient time at All Saints to work with us most effectively and for a longer time period.

Years 10 and 11 do have access to 150 brand new Windows 10 laptops to continue to work in the way they have been doing thus far, using the laptops to complete vital coursework, for research and other ways of supporting their GCSE and BTEC examination work. These laptops are organised by subject areas, with each key group of subjects having their own trolley with 30 laptops inside. File sharing between home and school is relatively straightforward as all students have free access to cloud based OneDrive storage.

If you wish your own child in Years 10 or 11 to have access to a personal tablet PC then that is possible, should you wish as a family to purchase one from a supplier. However, to be part of the All Saints secure network, that Tablet PC would first need to be set up and would have the All Saints monitoring software installed so that it could be used in school as well as at home.


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