clayAll Saints is a Christian Academy committed to demonstrating the love that God has for each person.  This is partly possible by recognising the uniqueness and infinite value of each individual and that everyone has a purpose and a positive contribution to make.


Having a broader view of achievement helps us to reflect on the ‘big questions’ such as ‘How do I live a good life?’ and ‘Where is true happiness to be found?’. We do therefore set high standards and expect our students to strive to reach their potential.  Education at All Saints is ultimately about having a deep regard for developing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of students.

Our Academy does not assume that all students and staff are practising Christians.  However, we do give time to explore the extraordinary reality of God present in each of us, whether Christian, of another faith, or of no particular faith.  Part of our Christian distinctiveness as a Church of England Academy is being open to different points of view; learning what it means to live well and to live fully.  That exchange of ideas is healthy for all of us, finding ways to express ourselves in a spirit of mutual respect.

My prayer for staff, students, and parents is that we might honour the presence of God in each person, for the good of our Academy and community.

The Revd J C Roundtree