All_Saints_Image_Gallery_20I trust our website will offer you a glimpse of the exciting work being undertaken within the Academy and of the high quality and levels of care and support which is afforded to all our students. We are hugely proud of our Academy and our wonderful students.

All Saints offers a distinctive educational ethos based on our Christian foundation. We provide a stimulating and caring environment strongly focused on assuring the highest levels of achievement for all our students. We are a relatively small secondary school in the heart of Ingleby Barwick with approximately 140 students in each year group, increasing to 150 from Spetember 2017.  We are friendly and welcoming, offering outstanding care, guidance and support, along with the highest standards of behavior, dress, attendance and punctuality and academic achievement.

I am privileged to lead a talented and determined team of staff who are wholly committed to excellence. Our curriculum offers a breadth of subjects for study, encourages independence in learning and provides a range of additional opportunities. In partnership with our supportive parents, we provide a clear, firm framework within which all students are able to achieve irrespective of their individual starting points. Every one of our students matter equally to us, each student has something special to contribute to our school community and, as a Church of England School, we purposely encourage the moral and spiritual well-being of all our students as well as encouraging their academic achievements. Worship is at the heart of our community and our Chaplaincy Team supports and encourages our students to explore Christian ideals so that they are well prepared for life in the world today. All Saints provides a demanding, exciting and very rewarding secondary education.

If you want to know more, please do come and spend some time with us in the Academy.

Kevin Mann